The Structure of Plants Revealed by Robbie Honey

Global adventurer and plantsman Robbie Honey has spent the last ten years seeking out and deconstructing some of the world’s most diverse flora. Now, for the first time, he has brought his specimens, artistry and tales of his adventures together in a fascinating new book featuring rare and commonplace plants collected from remote and urban locations around the world. From the Malaysian rainforest, roadsides in Harare and the African veldt, to Caribbean islands and an English churchyard.

Deconstructed and meticulously laid out, flowers are photographed in natural light on an iPhone with an aesthetic flair that transforms them into contemporary art. Presented as photographic portraits The Accidental Botanist offers a modern take on traditional botany.
Over 90 deconstructions are organised into chapters by colour – red, orange, yellow, blue, purple, pink, then white. Alongside a short narrative of the plant’s collection, the photographs are annotated with both Latin and common names, the plant’s classification, origin, uses, and nomenclature.

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